Hello and welcome :)

My name is Olga. Since 2007 (more than 14 years) I explore the world of photography, creating photoshoots with beautiful people all over the world.
My experience lead me to a unique style of pictures and process. I love to create slow-moving, enjoyable time for you.

I love to help you to meet your deeper, inner beauty and also see your body in a new light and have a chance to connect with yourself even more.
I studied psychology, art-theraphy, dance-theraphy, embodiment, meditation and breathing practice.

And from 2021 I'm certificated Phototherapist.
So you can come just to enjoy the for pictures or ask for some deeper process.
I work with individuals, couples, families. Dresses, jewelery and handcraft stores.
Last years I also took part as a photographer in plenty of retreats, woman circles, so I can come to highlight the unique things about your event.

In 2022 I stay on Koh Phangan and open to visit other parts of Thailand.

For any further questions please contact me:
W'app +79221222082
Telegram: olga_soulportrait
Thai number: +66990107928
Email: lightinsideyou888@gmail.com